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We are based in  Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Our six bed trampoline units have been previously marketed under the "Better Bounce" brand and we also used to build sets for Galaxy.  Better Bounce was sold to new owners in February 2011 and Trampoline formed, retaining all rights this product and developing new products, such as the new Bounce & Play Trailer,  Three Bed Trampoline Trailer and roofed versions of all products. Our latest product is the INFINITY TOWER and initial interest is immense!!!


All new developments and improvements have been subject to rigorous design review by engineering experts and are supplied with a conformity to design certificate and ADIPS test (where required)


As of October 2012, all trailers made in the UK , by law, MUST undergo a strict VOSA test. All our units are so tested, giving purchasers confidence in the integrity and road safety of our products. Be aware of any trailer offered for sale without VOSA paperwork. You will have an illegal product and this may invalidate your insurance.


Our aim is to provide high quality products, manufactured to the highest standards, that are subject to continuous R&D and ongoing improvements to meet the current expectations of customers.


We manufacture and install trampoline parks and will also sell you a kit to DIY!


All trailer sets will benefit from LED dual voltage road lighting, roof option and a specially designed gas strut system to replace the more complex electric winch system of old.


Infinity Towers have 12v Hydaulics for safe and reliable performance.


Please contact us with any questions, suggestions & improvements on 0330 330 8935 or by email to or simply use the contact us button to your left.