NEW Instant Stage 


Do you hire staging for events or presentations? Are you an events company tired of building up complex stages and the cost of the manpower involved? Do you want to start a stage hire business?


Here at Trampoline Trailers were are always designing and innovating . Our latest project is the Instant Stage trailer system.


    Instant Stage inflated

What is the Instant Stage Trailer System (ISTS)


We have designed a trailer based stage system that can be towed by an ordinary car, 4 x 4 or van that can be set up by one person in less than 15 minutes.


ISTS provides a 20ft deep x 20ft wide x 1m high stage, covered with an inflatable stage cover. The whole system is integrated into a road trailer that measures 6m long by 2.35m wide and 2.1m high.


The staging is constructed from high quality, non slip phenolic board and is lowered into place at the push of a button. On-board 12v hydraulics lower the side leafs and automatically deploy the jack legs.


Two 230v fans are then connected to the integrated inflatable stage cover and it self-erects in under 90 seconds.


The front of the stage can then be themed or branded with the supplied full width banner.


Entrance steps are provided for either front or rear entry to the stage. The inflatable stage cover has a sewn-in rear panel with two closable access doors.


Taking down is just as easy, deflate the stage cover (it slowly lowers, centre first on to the trailer bed) lift the sides of the stage cover over the trailer edge, unwind the jack legs, push the button and the sides will automatically raise with the stage cover safely inside. Affix the road cover, hook it up and your off - 20 minutes is all it takes!



Stage without cover


Prototype chassis


  • Galvanised steel chassis
  • VOSA tested
  • Quality ALKO hitch and running gear
  • 12v on board hydraulics
  • Built in jack legs for stability
  • Proven Inflatable stage design with additional ground anchor system
  • One person set up and packing
  • 12v/24v LED road lights
  • Built in battery charge circuit
  • Front banner
  • Entry steps (x1)
  • Fully sewn in stage backdrop with two entry doors.
  • Fitted road/storage cover.
  • Trailer 6.7m x 2.35m x 2.1m LWH
  • Stage 6.1m x 6.1m x 6.0m LWH
  • Weight approx 1300kgs
  • Options for Trilight stage lighting fittings & wiring for sound, mic points etc.
  • 12 month RTB warranty (see T&C page for more details)



This product is currently under manufacture (feb 2019) with at the unbelievable price of £22950 plus VAT.


We have been maufacturing inflatable stage covers for many years and trailers for even longer!