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The latest worldwide boom industry is Trampoline Parks. They are easy operate and have huge income potential. We design and manufacture bespoke systems and have sites up and running in the UK. Others may say they are manufacturers, but actually import systems at high prices with inflexible designs.  They are resellers, not experts. We manufacture in Leeds, West Yorkshire and offer our long experience in this industry; along with our bespoke designs and installation service.


We manufacture and supply a range of Trampoline Trailers, Bounce & Play Trailers, & the new Infinity Tower. We have many years experience in the industry and have developed a reputation for high quality and low prices.


Our mobile Trampoline, Bounce & Play and Infinity Tower systems have full design reviews and can have an optional ADIPS test certificate if required.


N E W for 2019


 We have spent the last year improving and developing our products, as well as designing some new ones.

  • The latest craze - Trampoline Parks - Designed and built to order-Get a Quote!
  • New Instant Stage trailer mounted stage and inflatable dome cover
  • New larger bed 3 bed trailer - Now with 8ft beds
  • NEW- Static Infinity Tower from £ 18995 plus VAT
  • NEW - Instant Stage trailer mounted stage system
  • NEW INFINITY TOWER ADIPS approved design
  • All trailers now subject to a VOSA test as now required by law (from Oct 12)
  • New Roofed option for Trampoline Trailers- All weather protection
  • New road lighting in dual 12v & 24v  (on 6 bed) - Makes towing safer and easier with multiple vehicles types
  • New gas strut system - replaces electric winch - safe and easy to operate - guaranteed for 100000 cycles






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